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High School Robotics Team Generates $1000 Using New Fundraiser Program

Powered by Alphabuyer.com New Fundraiser Proves Successful

August 13, 2012

In 2011, after wanting more creative methods of fundraising for their robotics program, students of the robotics program at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy approached the business team about fundraising alternatives. The students desired a new, more efficient method of raising funds compared to traditional methods like selling pretzels or popcorn.

After conducting research, the business team approached Alphabuyer, a local company that gives Pennsylvania residents an easy way to save money on their monthly bills. In response, Alphabuyer combined their state of the art, e-commerce platform and their proven "Refer A Friend" program to craft a unique fundraising opportunity for Team 1218 robotics students.

Fast forward to August 2012 and the students not only generated $1000 for their program but they also helped educate people about new ways to save money and energy.  Alphabuyer's service helped friends, family and staff of the robotics program save several hundred dollars a year by switching to alternative electricity and natural gas suppliers. (See related release, Alphabuyer Helps PECO Electricity Customers Put $15 per month ($180 per year) Back In Their Pockets)

Furthermore, as an environmentally-conscious team of students that work in a LEED certified building, partnering with Alphabuyer complemented the team's commitment to green initiatives. Alphabuyer also features renewable energy and free home energy efficiency improvement deals.

On August 13, 2012, Alphabuyer presented the first check to SCH Academy’s robotics team, Vulcan Robotics, as a result of their recent fundraising efforts. In addition, Alphabuyer donated to the robotics program in support of the student's innovative work.

Kevin Johnson, Alphabuyer CEO and Jeff Ng, Vulcan Robotics team leader

“As an entrepreneur myself, I was extremely excited to partner with the robotics students for this new program. And, after seeing the great engineering and entrepreneurial work they were doing, we became a sponsor! ” said Kevin Johnson, CEO of Alphabuyer.

In the first few days of the fundraising program, the robotics team had their first enrollment and was well received from a team sponsor, Jonathan Frank. “The sign up process took less than five minutes, and I will be saving hundreds of dollars every year,” claimed Mr. Frank. “It’s great to know that Alphabuyer will be monitoring my bill and helping me renew my contract when it ends.”

With a proven model in driving funds, the robotics team can’t wait to reach even more families and friends in the fall 2012 semester. As 2012 team captain Jeffrey Ng noted, “There’s no telling how much we’ll raise by the end.”