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Alphabuyer Expands into Renewable Electricity and Home Energy Efficiency Improvement Deals
New Category Growth a Response to Customers Looking for Green Solutions

PHILADELPHIA June 14, 2012

Building upon a proven track record of helping PA residents pay less for the energy they use, Alphabuyer today announces the addition of energy efficiency improvement services into its online marketplace at Alphabuyer.com. After extensive research with local suppliers, Alphabuyer chose local Philadelphia firm Mark Group to help customers make their homes more energy efficient.

Additionally, Alphabuyer has expanded its relationship with AMERIgreen Energy of Lancaster, PA, by offering a renewable electricity option sourced from 100% Pennsylvania renewable sources.

Since the beginning of 2011 Alphabuyer has helped PA residents find the best deals on electricity, natural gas and other monthly bill-related categories. Now, Alphabuyer.com site visitors can find additional energy related deals, all with the continued focus of reducing home energy costs.

“Monthly energy costs come from 2 factors: how much energy you use, and how much you PAY for the energy you use. Now that we've helped our customers pay less for energy, we want them to use less energy by helping make their homes more energy efficient. And now with the option of choosing Pennsylvania renewable sources.", says Alphabuyer co-founder and CMO John Raisch.

"Our focus as a company has always been about improving our country's energy independence by providing 100% domestically produced energy services. We're pleased that Alphabuyer chose AMERIgreen Energy to provide 100% Pennsylvania sourced, renewable electricity programs to their customers." says AMERIgreen VP of Energy Operations, Jon Loercher.

Alphabuyer and AMERIgreen Energy are offering renewable electricity plans in the PECO region with savings of 12%, or $131 per year (compared to PECO's estimated October 1 PTC of 10.46 cents per kWh).

Alphabuyer and Mark Group plan to offer discounts and other incentives on home energy efficiency improvements identified by Mark Group as a result of their free home energy assessment. Alphabuyer and Mark Group will also offer special group packages to hometown groups and associations, such as Home Owner Associations (HOAs) and local community groups focused on energy conservation and sustainability.

Finding and signing up for energy related deals is easy. Simply visit Alphabuyer and enter your zip code. Alphabuyer will show what deals are available in any area. Alphabuyer current offers best in market deals in the PECO region for electricity, natural gas, heating oil, propane, home energy efficiency and smart meters.


Alphabuyer is an e-commerce company that advocates for consumers by negotiating the best possible rates, options and terms for non-discretionary monthly spending.  Alphabuyer offers deals in electricity, natural gas, heating oil, propane, smart meters and other related categories. Alphabuyer has helped thousands of customers across the state of Pennsylvania save money on their monthly bills. Alphabuyer is located just outside Philadelphia, PA.

For more information about Alphabuyer visit www.Alphabuyer.com.


AMERIgreen’s mission is to improve the country's energy independence by providing 100% domestically produced energy services. AMERIgreen in located in Lancaster, PA.

For more information about AMERIgreen Energy visit www.amerigreen.com.


Mark Group professionally installs energy saving improvements that cut energy spend and fix rooms in a home that are always too hot or too cold. Since 1974, Mark Group has delivered affordable energy-saving solutions to over 2,000,000 home and business owners. Mark Group is proud to be family owned and operated. Mark Group is located in Philadelphia, PA.

For more information about Mark Group visit www.markgroup.com.