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Alphabuyer Brings First-Ever Electricity Deal Featuring 35% Savings to Small Businesses

PAOLI, PA – June 23, 2011

HARRISBURG, Pa. – June 23, 2011 – Alphabuyer, a new group buying company helping people save money on energy bills, launched its first-ever deal for small businesses this week. By switching electricity suppliers, small businesses can save 35% as compared with PPL's price-to-compare.

This represents an annual savings of more than $850 for a small business with average electricity usage.

Typically, the best energy rates are reserved for large businesses because they consume so much energy. However, Alphabuyer is bringing that power to the small business owner through the group buying model. Small businesses that use 25,000 or less kWh annually are eligible for the small business program. That’s approximately 2 ½ times the usage of a typical household.

The new Alphabuyer deal is obviously good news for small businesses that have not yet switched suppliers. However, it can also benefit those which have already switched but have contracts coming up for renewal. The rates offered by Alphabuyer are the best in the market, and businesses may switch electricity suppliers again to save even more.

A second offer from Alphabuyer is targeted to residential customers, and represents a 7% savings off the PPL electricity rate, or a $61 savings per year for the average household. Consumers have the opportunity to lock-in a fixed rate for the next 12 months which can be increasingly advantageous in an increasing rate energy environment.

“Central Pennsylvanians have embraced group buying for everything from dry cleaning to kayaking,” said Kevin Johnson, founder of Alphabuyer. “We’re excited to give them the same opportunity to save on their utility bills. As more families, neighbors and friends sign on, everybody enrolled can help the group reach even greater savings on their non-discretionary purchases.” 

Current offers are available at www.Alphabuyer.com. The small business offer is available through July 11, and the residential until July 4, or until either “sell out” by reaching the maximum number of customer enrollments. New offers will be constantly added, so customers can check back frequently for new deals.


Alphabuyer negotiates with suppliers to offer groups of consumers the most competitive rates on utilities such as natural gas and electricity. While the first offers are for savings on utility bills, the company is planning to expand the group buying concept to gasoline, cable, Internet and mobile phone service, among others.


Customers simply visit www.Alphabuyer.com and enter their zip code to view offers in their area. They can then compare different plans and prices, estimate potential savings and review the details of the offer. Once enrolled, customers can share the offers with friends and family. As more people sign up and the size of the group grows, the savings increase. Once the offer closes, everyone enrolled enjoys the same discounted price. Each offer is available for a limited time period.

Alphabuyer charges no fees to switch. Consumers continue to receive only one bill from their local utility since that company continues to deliver the energy to the consumer’s home, with no interruption.

As an advocate for consumers, Alphabuyer negotiates for the best locked-in rates and also for the best options and features such as no cancellation fees, upgradable agreements and no hidden fees. In addition, Alphabuyer will be there to negotiate the best possible renewal terms.


Located in Paoli, Pa., Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission-approved Alphabuyer is an Internet-based group buying platform that helps customers get the best possible rates, options and terms for services they pay for each month. Alphabuyer focuses on group savings in significant, untapped areas where customers are already spending such as energy, mobile phone, cable/Internet, insurance, banking, credit card, transportation vehicles and home services.

For more information on Alphabuyer and offers in your area, visit www.Alphabuyer.com.