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Limited Time Offers in Pennsylvania Areas Served by PECO, Duquesne Light, Columbia Gas, PPL and UGI Gas

PAOLI, Pa. – June 6, 2011 – Beating the summer heat and keeping your cool when the utility bills arrive just got easier for area residents who flex their buying power and sign up now for new offers from Alphabuyer, a new group buying service for consumers. Alphabuyer offers online consumer discounts for monthly bills and is available at no cost to customers of PECO in southeastern Pennsylvania, PPL and UGI Gas in central Pennsylvania, and Duquesne Light and Columbia Gas in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Alphabuyer’s new offers are available through June 20 or until the maximum number of sign-ups is reached. The strong response to the May Alphabuyer offers enabled many customers to reach the best-price savings tier. Overall, nearly 1,700 households in areas served by this new group buying site has already started putting the power of group buying for necessities to work for them.

An estimated 3.8 million Pennsylvanians can benefit by signing up with Alphabuyer.“The strong response to our May offer reinforces that people love a good deal,” said Kevin Johnson, founder of Alphabuyer. “As more families, neighbors and friends sign on, everybody enrolled can help the group reach even greater savings on their non-discretionary purchases.”

Current offers are available at www.Alphabuyer.com where consumers can receive best-in-market pricing on 12-month and 24-month fixed rate energy contracts. Offers are available through June 20 or until they “sell out” by reaching the maximum number of customer enrollments. New offers will be constantly added, so customers can check back frequently for new deals.


Alphabuyer negotiates with suppliers to offer groups of consumers the most competitive rates on utilities such as natural gas and electricity.While the first offers are for savings on utility bills, the company is planning to expand the group buying concept to gasoline, cable, Internet and mobile phone service, among others.


Customers simply visit www.Alphabuyer.com and enter their zip code to view offers in their area. They can then compare different plans and prices, estimate potential savings and review the details of the offer. Once enrolled, customers can share the offers with friends and family. As more people sign up and the size of the group grows, the savings increase. Once the offer closes, everyone enrolled enjoys the same discounted price. Each offer is available for a limited time period.

Alphabuyer charges no fees to switch. Consumers continue to receive only one bill from their local utility since that company continues to deliver the energy to the consumer’s home, with no interruption.

As an advocate for consumers, Alphabuyer negotiates for the best locked-in rates and also for the best options and features such as no cancellation fees, upgradable agreements and no hidden fees. In addition, Alphabuyer will be there to negotiate the best possible renewal terms.


Located in Paoli, Pa., Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission-approved Alphabuyer is an Internet-based group buying platform that helps customers get the best possible rates, options and terms for services they pay for each month. Alphabuyer focuses on group savings in significant, untapped areas where customers are already spending such as energy, mobile phone, cable/Internet, insurance, banking, credit card, transportation vehicles and home services.

For more information on Alphabuyer and offers in your area, visit www.Alphabuyer.com.