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Alphabuyer helps PECO RH customers know when to switch

Group buying company debuts online calculator for RH customers


PHILADELPHIA October 10, 2011)

Approximately 160,000 PECO customers who use electricity to heat their homes are enrolled in the special Residential Heating (RH) program that provides steep price discounts during the winter months.  As part of the deregulation process, PECO will be phasing out this RH program beginning in January 2012.  Until now, these 160,000 PECO (RH) customers have had no direction or tools to help them determine if and when they might be better off switching to an alternative supplier.  

Alphabuyer, a group buying company for non-discretionary bills, today launched an online calculator (at www.alphabuyer.com) specifically for PECO (RH) customers.  This tool enables RH customers to determine the exact month when they should switch to an alternative supplier in to order to maximize their savings.

“Not all PECO RH customers are created equal and not all of them will save by switching right away,” said Kevin Johnson, CEO of Alphabuyer. “As an independent company who negotiates with suppliers in the region, we want to help customers decide when it is right for them to switch, and when it will save them the most money.” 

Customers will be able to fill in their energy usage in the calculator at www.alphabuyer.com/peco/rh.calc which will calculate the optimal date to switch. For customers that do not have access to their past usage information, consumer can email Alphabuyer at rh@alphabuyer.com or call at 1-855-435-8075 and Alphabuyer will calculate the switch date for them. 


Located in Philadelphia, Alphabuyer is a group buying company that advocates for consumers by negotiating the best possible rates, options and terms for non-discretionary monthly spending.  Alphabuyer currently offers savings on electricity and natural gas bills and plans to expand its product offerings to include heating oil, mobile phone and Internet/cable/TV. Since its launch in January, Alphabuyer has helped thousands of customers switch energy suppliers to save money on their monthly bills.

Currently, Alphabuyer is offering the lowest price for PECO electricity customers through AMERIgreen Energy with savings of 20% off PECO’s price to compare. Once RH customers determine the best time for them to switch, they can go to Alphabuyer’s website, which regularly posts new deals.

For more information on Alphabuyer and offers in your area, visit www.Alphabuyer.com.